2015 Endorsements

The following is the list of endorsed candidates for the 2015 election cycle. More information about petitioning will be available in the coming weeks. We also wanted to thank everybody who put their name forward for nomination. Running for office is a daunting task, and it takes bravery to want to assume this active role. Win or lose, whether last night or in September, just running is something of which to be proud. We look forward to working together to elect all of our endorsed candidates on September 10th, and working together in future years as well!

District Leader, Part A
Female: Esther Yang
Male: Mike Dillon

District Leader, Part B
Female: Kim Moscaritolo
Male: Adam Roberts

Judicial Delegate (in declining order of eventual ballot position)
Devin Gould
Susan Hochberg
Lynne Feibelmann
Frank Wilkinson
Kim Moscaritolo
Mike Dillon
Abraham Salcedo

Alternate Judicial Delegate
Adam Roberts
Jean Fischman
David Menegon
Saul Nadel
Elana Schwartz
Joan Roberts
Miriam Stern

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