Activism & Policy Committee

Chairs: Kim Moscaritolo, John Wagner & Pierre Ratzki

The Activism & Policy Committee engages club members in a variety of activities. We organize phone banks and canvasses, march in the streets, write letters and postcards to our elected officials, and register new voters. We also take the pulse of club membership on the issues confronting us at the neighborhood, city, state and federal levels and then engages the club in the passing of resolutions on the issues of greatest concern and then advocating for legislation and other government action reflecting the resolutions we adopt. We organize our activisim through Working Groups that focus on specific issues.  Our current active Working Groups focus on the following issues:


Economic Justice Working Group Chair: Lauren Trapanotto

Health Care Working Group Chairs: Jeremy Berman, Flor de Maria Eilets & Lee Wiggins

2020 Elections Working Group Chairs: Jeremy Berman & Jordan Stein

Education Working Group Chair: Amy Schwartz
Rule of Law Working Group Chair: Royce Cohen

Outreach & Diversity Committee

Chair: Tricia Shimamura  & Marina Phillips

The Outreach and Diversity Committee in Four Freedoms Democratic Club (FFDC) seeks to expand the club's outreach in order to increase and diversify membership. Additionally, the Committee works to explore issues and possibly advocacy efforts on behalf of groups that have often been marginalized or overlooked. The Committee generally meets once a month to discuss ongoing club initiatives and possible future events. 

Events Committee

Chair: Matt Lombardi

This committee is responsible for planning and execution of the club's fundraisers and social gatherings, which draw a wonderful mix of Club members, elected officials, and the community.  If you have attended the summer BBQ, the winter holiday party, Spring Soiree, or small dollar fundraiser, you've seen the events committee's work in action

Social Media Committee

Chairs: Jeremy Berman & Sarah Lasker  

Our work in media encompasses maintaining our accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; issuing and promoting news of club activities to the press; and using any and all media to engage our elected officials, club members and potential club members.