Endorsement Meeting!

As you know, this Thursday is the Four Freedoms Democratic Club's endorsement meeting!  We'll be gathering to endorse candidates for State Senate, State Assembly, State Committee, and Judicial Delegate.  As per usual, we will meet at 7pm on Thursday in the Choir Room of the Church of the Holy Trinity.  Full details available here.

The club's endorsements for State Senate and State Committee are uncontested; however, we will have to vote on endorsements for State Assembly and Judicial Delegate.  To that end, we have prepared a voter guide so you can learn more about the candidates in each race.  For Assembly, we asked each candidate five policy questions; for Judicial Delegate, we asked each candidate to just provide a brief bio.  The voter guide can be accessed by clicking... here! (Right-click/CTRL+click on the link to download the PDF.)

Also, a brief note about endorsement procedures: each Assembly candidate will get ten minutes to speak and five minutes to answer questions.  We will have fixed-time deliberations for all the endorsements, in which time club members will get the chance to give brief speeches about the candidate(s) of their choosing.  After all the deliberations, all voting members of the FFDC will cast ballots.  For the Assembly race, voters will rank all candidates (this is called the Instant Runoff Vote--click here for a good video explanation).

For Judicial Delegate, voters will vote for up to eleven candidates; the 11 candidates with the highest number of votes will be endorsed for delegate; the next 11 candidates will be endorsed for alternate delegate.

As a reminder, you are a voting member if you do not vote in any other district-based political club, have attended at least one club function, and have paid dues as of the beginning of the meeting.  You also must attend the meeting; no absentee or proxy voting will be allowed.  Feel free to email Gabe ([email protected]) or Dillon ([email protected]) if you have a question about your voting status.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.