February General Meeting Notes 2023


Meeting:  Thursday, February 16, 2023v at Draesal Hall, The Holy Trinity Church


Meeting Minutes

  1.  Meeting was called to order by Frank Wilkinson, Vice President


  1.   Kim M. reviewed the endorsement voting for candidates for Civil Court vacancies
  • There are 2 vacancies to be filled:  Civil Court - Countywide and City Court - 6th District; because only one candidate is seeking our endorsement for each position, we will vote to endorse by acclamation
  • Candidate for Judge of the Civil Court Countywide Dana Marie Catanzaro, and candidate for Judge of the Civil Court - 6th Municipal Court District Anna Mikhaleva introduced themselves
  • Dana Catanzaro and Anna Mikhaleva were endorsed by acclamation


  1. Frank led endorsement vote process for Assembly District Leaders
  • FFDC has 4 District Leaders.  Ben Wetzler, a long-standing and current (M) District Leader (76th AD, Part A), is moving out of the district, opening up a race to fill the position.  A motion was made and voted in support of holding a race to fill Ben Wetzler’s seat.
  • The other 3 candidates for District Leader are Part B (M) Gabe Panek, Part B (F) Kim Moscaritolo, Part A (F) Rebecca Weintraub, and all are running unopposed.  A motion was made, and voted in favor to approve endorsement of the 3 unopposed candidates by acclamation.  Each unopposed District Leader candidate presented, and members voted for their endorsement by acclamation.
  • Candidates to fill Part A District Leader position are:  Ben Akselrod, Billy Freeland, Todd Stein
  • Candidates presented and answered questions from the audience
  • Gabe P. led process for Members who were in attendance and those participating remotely by Zoom to vote to endorse District Leader Part A (M).  Vote was conducted by rank chance voting.
  • Ben Akselrod was elected first choice for District Leader Part A (M); Billy Freeland was elected as 2nd choice.


  1. Gabe led endorsement vote process for Judicial Delegates
  • Voters were instructed to vote for 15 candidates as Judicial Delegate; remaining candidates will become Alternate Judicial Delegates.
  • The following candidates were elected as Judicial Delegates:

Billy Freeland
Matthew Lombardi
Rebecca Weintraub
Ruth Halberg
Amy Schwartz
Ben Akselrod
Dov Gibor
Frank Wilkinson
Jill Eisner
Arlene Kayatt
Todd Stein
Abbye Lawrence
Chris Regan
Joseph Stern

Chris Sosa


  • The following candidates were elected as Alternate Judicial Delegates:

Evan Preminger
John Wagner
Jane Lindberg
Madelaine Piel
Betsy Feist
Betsy Waters
Bob Jackman
Kacie Lally
Ru Sosa
Sam Weinberger
Robert Weintraub
Arjanita Elezaj
Nancy Lang
Rich O’Malley
Marlene Schneider


  1. Frank called for there meeting to end
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