FFDC Demands More Public Education Funding

At the Club's October 21st meeting, the Education Workgroup proposed a resolution supporting efforts to obtain additional state funding for New York City public schools, including long overdue “Foundation Aid” state funding in the amount of $1.4 billion dollars, $13 million of which is owed to Legislative Assembly District 76. The resolution passed unanimously.

As secured by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) in its 2007 victorious legal action against New York State, NYC public schools were promised $5.5 billion dollars in “Foundation Aid”.  In that case, CFE sought to protect and promote the state constitutional right of every public-school student to a sound basic education, including that which provides for civic readiness, and adequate funding to affect the same.  As directed by the state’s highest court, Governor Cuomo was supposed to release all of the funds by 2011, but has withheld a significant portion.   The outstanding funds are what remain of the $5.5 billion dollars “Foundation Aid”.

The Education Workgroup plans to engage in legislative and policy advocacy work with other political clubs, community and school based organizations and advocacy groups to ensure the outstanding CFE funding with interest is included in the 2020 Budget as well as additional funding to provide a sound and basic, and sound basic and quality education that addresses the needs of students from across the city.  

Here is the Full Text of the Resolution

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