FFDC Elects 2019 Leadership

The Club elected its 2019 Officers and Executive Board on January 14th, selecting from an excellent choice of candidates. We thank all who ran and look forward to continuing to work with you in the year ahead.


The nominees for Club officer ran unopposed and were elected by a unanimously adopted motion. The 2019 Officers are:

President: Bridget Cusick; Vice President: Frank Wilkinson; Recording Secretary: Pierre Ratzki; Corresponding Secretary: Jerry Ferguson;Treasurer: John Bartos

Members at Large 

After hearing from the candidates and discussion among club members, the Club elected the following Members at Large:

Alex Bores; Flor de Maria Eilets; Ilyssa Fuchs; Arlene Socol Kayatt; Matt Lombardi; Teresa Malyshev; Esther Yang; and John Wagner.

Ex Officio Members

In accordance with our Constitution, voting Club members who hold local political offices are ex officio members of our Executive Board. The ex officio members are:

Kim Mocaritolo (District Leader); Adam Roberts (State Committee Member); Lauren Trapanotto (State Committee Member); and Ben Wetzler (District Leader).

At last night's meeting, the Club announced that it will be reorganizing its committees to focus the committees on issue advocacy. The Executive Board is excited to work with the new committees and all members in promoting implementation of a Progressive agenda in 2019.

To learn more about the new Executive Board members, read their statements here.



The new Executive Board (from l to r): Alex Bores; Frank Wilkinson; Esther Yang; Ilyssa Fuchs; Jerry Ferguson; Flor deMaria Eilets; Arlene Socal Kayatt; Lauren Trapanotto; Teresa Malyshev; Bridget Cusick; John Bartos; Adam Roberts; Kim Moscaritolo; Matt Lombardi; and Ben Wetzler

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