FFDC Endorses Council Member Lander for NYC Comptroller

At its January 21st Zoom meeting attended by over 110 members of the community, the Four Freedoms Democratic Club (FFDC) voted to endorse current City Council Member Brad Lander for New York City Comptroller.


The FFDC, based in Manhattan's Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island, is one of the largest and most active Democratic Clubs in Manhattan. All candidates were invited to present their vision for the community before the FFDC voted.

"I’m honored to be endorsed by the Four Freedoms Democratic Club,” said Council Member Lander. “Over the years, Four Freedoms has built a political community committed to a progressive vision of government that can make the lives of its people better, rooted in Roosevelt’s four freedoms — of speech and of worship, from want and from fear. I’m grateful for your support, and eager to work together to bring our shared values of a more just and equitable city to the task of recovery ahead of us.”

“Council Member Lander has a strong record of getting things done for our community,” said Jerry Ferguson, President of FFDC. “He has the vision and the drive to help our City through the challenging times we now face, and we are excited to support him.”

CM Lander’s background in community planning informs his commitment to making government work better. In his time as a City Council Member, he's taken a data-driven approach to innovative campaigns to support workers and tenants, make our streets safer, and improve the City’s management of capital projects. He has passed legislation to create strong tenant protections, hold reckless drivers accountable, help fast-food workers win a fair workweek and job security, protect freelancers from wage theft, guarantee a living wage for Uber and Lyft drivers, and track the city's capital expenditures across agencies to bring better oversight to city spending.

Four Freedoms will actively campaign with Council Member Lander in the months to come.

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