Primary Election Results, September 2014

The following are the election results for local public and political office in the September 9, 2014, primary election.  All numbers taken from the NYC Board of Elections as of 4:00 pm on September 11, 2014.

State Senator, 28th District
Liz Krueger - 92.94%
Shota Baghaturia - 7.06%

Member of the State Assembly, 76th District
Rebecca Seawright - 45.34%
Gus Christensen - 37.74%
David Menegon - 10.08%
Ed Hartzog - 6.83%

Member of the State Committee (Male), 76th District
Micah Kellner - 57.48%
Jonathan Piel - 32.04%
Karl Seidenwurm - 10.49%

Member of the State Committee (Female), 76th District
Ruth Halberg - 67.70%
Pauline Dana-Bashian - 32.30%

Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the Judicial Convention, 76th District
Due to the sheer number and confusing nature of returns, you may click here for Judicial Delegate results and here for Alternate Judicial Delegate results.

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