Public Hearing on Funds Owed to NYC Schools

New York State still owes NYC public schools $1.4 billion. 

Join FFDC on Dec. 3rd at 9 AM to hold Albany accountable and demand that it pay!

What:   Public Hearing on Foundation Aid owed to NYC Public Schools conducted by the NYS Senate Education & Budget Committees 

When:  Hearings begin December 3rd at 10 am; there is a 9 am Rally before the hearing

Where: Rally at 9 at City Hall Park; hearings take place at 250 Broadway, 19th Floor(across from City Hall park)

How to help:   Show up with friends & pass this message on; Call you legislators & make sure that they attend and support this cause

Let us know you’re joining us!  Email Amy Schwartz. [email protected]


New York State owes NYC public schools $1.4 billion dollars in long overdue Foundation Aid state funding based on the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (“CFE”) lawsuit. 

As a result of the CFE case against the State, NYC public schools were promised $5.5 billion dollars in Foundation Aid to give adequate funding to provide every public school student the constitutionally mandated right to a sound and basic education.  Despite the highest State court directing Governor Cuomo to release all the Foundation Aid funds by 2011, the Governor continues to withhold a significant portion - $1.4 billion still owed to  NYC schools. 

With a Democratic House and Senate in New York State supporting increased education funding--the time to push for these long overdue funds to help NYC public schools is now.

Please join us on Dec. 3rd to hold NYS accountable and demand that it pay the outstanding CFE funding to the NYC public schools.   Throughout the city, our children are denied their constitutional right to a sound, basic and quality education.


December 03, 2019 at 9:00am - 12pm


City Hall Park; then 250 Broadway, 19th Floor


Amy Schwartz ·

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