April 9

Minutes from 4/9 Executive Board Meeting

In attendance: Jeremy Berman, Len Lubinsky, Jane Lindberg, John Bartos, Bob Jackman, Jerry
Ferguson, Matt Lombardi, Ben Akselrod, Flor de Maria Eilets, Rebecca Weintraub, Debra
Freeman, Julianne Ballington, Amy Schwartz, Erica Vladimer, Gabe Panek, Kim Moscaritolo

  • Treasurer’s Report – approximately $17,000 in the bank account
  • Upcoming Meetings
    • Board discussed agendas for upcoming general meetings:
      •  April Meeting – Julie Menin speaks, the board discussed possible
      •  May Meeting – Media literacy (venue moved from Draesel Hall to
      •  June Meeting – Jerry Nadler
      •  July Meeting – Invite Liz Krueger
      •  Rebecca suggested a speaker from Latino Justice/ACLU
  • Election Update
    •  Elections working group will discuss plans for fall elections, including possible
      trip to canvass on NY/PA border
  • Events
    • 10th Anniversary Celebration
      • Board approved $950 (via email vote post meeting) to cover costs of photography, entertainment, and decorations
      • We will continue to reach out to elected officials with sponsorship requests. To date, Rep. Nadler, Sen. Serrano, AM Seawright and AM Bores have all joined the host committee.
      • Board members will make calls to club members to encourage attendance
      • Everyone encouraged to share event with friends
    • Family Fun Day Event – probably 6/8 or 6/9 at Carl Schurz Park, Gabe will
      update with details when he has them
    • Street Fairs – board approved $800 for annual street fair costs
  • Social Media Report
    • Working Group Guidelines shared with the
      board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dpAh5PLPAkDbSiXJVpynaIOXPda7DrRZ_3ZjjDNHJ9o/edit?usp=sharing

Meeting adjourned!

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