Four Freedoms Statement Jay Jacobs Interfering in our State Committee Race

The Four Freedoms Democratic Club condemns the decision of the Chair of the State Democratic Party to put his thumb on the scale of a state committee race for the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. His donation of at least $8,000 means he has spent more time and money on this election than he did defending the constitutional amendments that failed on his watch last year. We are proud to endorse Erica Vladimer and Jeremy Berman, who will fight to make the Democratic Party more practical, honest, and transparent. We support them because we believe they are the best people for our district, and no amount of money, even from the Chair of our party, can change that. The fact that Mr. Jacobs inserted himself into this race is yet another example of leadership caring more about party power than enacting good policy in a tough election year. That is why we will redouble our efforts to elect great candidates like Jeremy and Erica to party office so we can repair the Democratic Party

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