January Board Meeting Notes 2023

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Current Balance is $18,527.85 (after combination of finances with East River)
  1. January Meeting
  • Council Members will be speaking and taking questions
  • We will take nominations for District Leader and Judicial Delegates
    • Looks likely there will be 15 Judicial Delegate positions and 15 Alternates
  • No tax resolution this month
  • Member time
  • If time: Committee and Working Groups will pitch their groups
  • Our Party Officers will not be there due to a meeting of Party Officer of the whole Borough with Jay Jacobs

Meeting Planning details

  • Menin and Powers don’t have opponents (that we know of) so we are okay to do a voice vote for those elections
  • Change District Leader endorsements to the new format of Top 2 Vote getters of differing gender
  • Jerry will explain the change in District Leader Voting
  • We will take nominations by Part of District (A and B) and ask nominees for their preferred gender
  • Chris will bring his computer to run Zoom with Ben Akselrod
  • Jerry will bring AV equipment
  • Kim will drop off her AV equipment for the meeting with someone to be used in the January meeting
  1. February Meeting
  • Endorsements for a Civil Court in the 6th Judicial District (ours), a countywide Civil Court seat, District Leader, and Judicial Delegate elections
  • No other agenda items since the endorsements will take so much time
  1. Later Meetings
  • Education Task Force would like to do a resolution on Arts Education
  • Invest in Our NY Coalition sign on
    • Erica will reach out to John Wagner and the Tax Committee about them working with the Invest in NY Coalition
  • A speaker about Abortion?
    • Maybe combine the abortion speaker with a social event (wine and cheese?) after the meeting that raises money for an abortion fund
    • Jordan, Rebecca, and Erica will work on that
  1. Committees and Working Groups
  • The board approves heads of committees
    • We are largely happy with the heads of committees
  • Maybe do a task force on working groups/committees to get things in line
    • Board decided against it
    • If someone has an idea they will bring it to next board meeting
  • Maybe print flyers to put in local coffee shops to promote our meetings
  • Chris and Jill will help with Social Media and Website
  • Kim will work with Kit to email 2022 members who have not paid 2023 dues so they can vote in our January and February Meetings
  1. Hector LaSalle nomination and Remove Jay Jacobs Movement
  • Should the club take a public position on these two issues
    • Board agrees the club should take a position
    • The Board will release a statement on LaSalle since it is time sensitive, but will wait for membership at a meeting to vote on a statement on Jay Jacobs and reforming the State Democratic Party
  • We will sign onto our District Leaders’ Statement on LaSalle
  • Jordan will post it on our Website and on Twitter
  • Kim will post it on Facebook
  1. Member Survey
  • We will discuss this at our next board meeting
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