July 2023 Meeting

Treasurer’s report:

-Current Balance 25,500.08

Upcoming Events:

            August picnic

-August 6th at Reif’s

-Invite people from Street fairs

-Invite elected officials

            July Meeting

-Pretty set

-Assembly member Seawright is Keynote

-Resolution from Reforming the Democratic Party

            -include suggestions for reform in the newsletter and print for the meeting (Term Limits voted on over a rotation of Party Chair)(will add to newsletter)

            -Bob will send to Jordan updated language for the newsletter

-Letter in Support of Cap Act

            -Alex Bores asked us to send a letter in support of his bill allowing us to expand NYS Supreme Court

-DLs update on Judicial Politics

            September Meeting

-CM Menin will be speaking

-Community leader for Roosevelt Island. Alexandra? Jill has a person, Francine?

-Potential resolution on City Retiree benefits

-Self Governance for Roosevelt Island as a debate

-Since it is a state issue, encourage our State Reps to come

            October Meeting

-Senator Gillibrand

-Tax resolution

Report of the Ethics Committee:

-An FFDC member (complainant) filed a complaint against another club member (the respondent) alleging violations of the Club’s Code of Conduct in connection with Club events. Through an investigation, the committee found their claims to be credible and made the following recommendations: The respondent will be on a 2-year probationary period, in which time the respondent must not engage in the complained about conduct again. Should they violate this probationary period, there will be an expedited ethics complaint process of 2 weeks to investigate those violations. The resolution was approved by the board, subject to Board approval of the letter that will be sent

Other Upcoming Events:

            Street Fairs

-September 9th last street fair on 3rd

            Community Service Drive

-Hotel in the 60s collecting materials for asylum seekers

-Deborah will send Jordan Info

            -William Ruiz of Highland Park Community Corporation

-Will organize drive for our July Meeting

            -Rebecca will collect the stuff and bring to the hotel

            Social Event for New Members

-Will talk with Matt

Promoting Resolutions

-defer to next meeting

Website Updates

-defer to next meeting

DEI Committee

-defer to next meeting

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