Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for our 2015 Executive Board! Below is the full list of nominees, as well as the recommendations of our Campaign Committee for future elections.

In order to vote at our meeting in January you must:

A) be at least 14 years old;
B) not claim the right to vote or hold a position in any other district-based Democratic Club;
C) have applied for membership and first paid your dues at least ninety days prior to voting;
D) have attended any of the following: the most recently completed Annual Meeting; at least one Regular Meeting of the Club held in the preceding 366 days; or any other Club event defined in the Club’s By-Laws held in the preceding 366 days;
E) have paid your 2015 dues;
F) not have voted in any matter within any other district-based political club in the past sixty days.

Michael Dillon
Jonathan Piel

Vice President
Susan Hochberg
Abraham Salcedo

Yael Jacobson-Zieff
Adam Roberts
Joy Zagoren

Recording Secretary
Devin Gould

Corresponding Secretary
Gabe Panek

Members at Large (6 positions available)
Posie Di Sesa
Michael Dillon*
Lynne Feibelmann
Susan Hochberg*
Yael Jacobson-Zieff*
Teresa Malyshev
Kim Moscaritolo
Jonathan Piel*
Madelaine Piel
Lance Polivy
Romano Reid
Adam Roberts*
Abraham Salcedo*
Lee Wiggins
Frank Wilkinson
Joy Zagoren*

*Indicates that this person is also nominated for an officer position. If that person is elected an officer position, he or she will automatically be removed as a nominee for Member at Large.

Elections will be held at our annual meeting on Thursday, January 22nd. Stay tuned for more info!

Also, at our November meeting we voted to adopt the recommendations of the Campaign Committee for future elections. You can view those HERE.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.