Resolution in Support of Arts Education in New York City Public Schools

Resolution in support of arts education in New York City Public Schools

Whereas all students in New York City public schools have the right to arts education through
sequential school instruction that includes dance, music, theater, media arts, and visual arts
taught by certified arts teachers, in partnership with community providers from arts and
cultural organizations in accordance with the New York State Education Department’s
Instructional Requirements for the Arts (“New York state standards” or “state standards”);
Whereas arts education is part of a well-rounded education for every student as outlined in the
Every Student Succeeds Act and New York state standards;
Whereas arts education is a key component in efforts to educate the whole child and re-ignite
students’ learning in a post-COVID pandemic world that continues to struggle with trauma and
a mental health crisis;
Whereas arts education nurtures the social and emotional wellness of students and fosters a
healthy, positive school environment;
Whereas arts education improves academic outcomes in the classroom and increases student
attendance and parent involvement;
Whereas arts education clearly prepares students to enter employment in the creative arts
industries, a major economic driver in New York that represents 13% of New York City’s total
economic output and 7% of New York state’s total economic output;
Whereas despite the significant benefits of arts education, far too many New York City public
schools fail to provide arts education aligned with New York state standards, as only 1/3 of NYC
middle schools consistently meet state standards and 17% of NYC public schools lack any
certified arts teachers, based on the latest publicly available data.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Four Freedoms Democratic Club endorses action and
measures to support and expand arts education in NYC public schools, including providing
increased arts education with access for all students in all NYC public schools, providing
sufficient sustainable funding for arts education, and ensuring that all NYC public schools
provide arts education aligned with state standards, and calls upon our elected officials to take
action supporting such measures.
Efforts by Four Freedoms Democratic Club to support such action and measures may include,
but are not limited to, advocacy for policies, legislation, and budgets supportive of such
measures, community outreach promoting activism, and partnering with organizations,
individual advocates, and advocacy groups, such as the New York City Arts in Education
Roundtable and New Yorkers for Culture & Arts.
SOURCE: NYC Arts in Education Roundtable https://

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