State Committee

The Democratic State Committee is the governing body of the Democratic Party at the state level

It is responsible for:

  • Overseeing campaign spending
  • Writing the Party's platform
  • Selecting Democratic National Committee Members
  • Endorsing Statewide Candidates
  • Setting and Enforcing the Ethics Code
  • Encouraging Political Activism

It has the potential to meaningfully shape the political landscape here in New York for the better, but has served mainly as a rubber stamp for incumbent bosses in Albany seeking to maintain control. This all affects how the Party operates and the candidates we see on the ballot who are supposed to represent our community. Unfortunately, too much of this happens behind closed doors, which can end up biasing our elections. That's why our state committee members work to strengthen the Party's presence, promote inclusivity, and engage with voters to build a strong and vibrant Democratic Party in New York.

Members of the New York State Democratic Committee are typically elected from each assembly district within the state during even-year elections. Each assembly district is represented by two people of different genders (M, F, or X). Members represent the interests of Democrats within their respective districts and work collectively to advance the Party's goals and objectives. Committee members can play a crucial role in shaping the Party's platform, selecting candidates for public office, and coordinating campaign efforts during elections.

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