What is a Democratic Club?

The Basics:

A Democratic Club is a group of people in a neighborhood who get together to support Democratic candidates, policies and priorities. In New York City, they traditionally represent specific Assembly Districts, though there are some city-wide clubs. They organize their neighborhoods to make real changes on the state, local and national level. Democratic Clubs host events with elected officials, activists, and government officials, and give you an opportunity to ask questions and make your voice heard.

On the Local Level:

Democratic Clubs are primarily focused on local politics.  They are one of the few organizations that pays attention to the most grassroots levels of politics, like District Leaders, Judicial Delegates and County Committee. They exert influence by directly engaging in the political process, including collecting signatures for candidates to appear on the ballot. Local elected officials and party officials regularly attend meetings because club members are often some of the most active and engaged voters in the district. By creating a space for local politics to happen, Democratic clubs give people the opportunity to exert power at the local level.


On the State and Federal Level:

Democratic Clubs also endorse candidates in State and Federal elections and are integral to helping candidates get on the ballot and getting out the vote for statewide candidates. Democratic Clubs organize their communities to elect their endorsed candidates and can influence voters within their communities by canvassing voters, sending direct mail, and distributing campaign literature.

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